The 15-Minute Rule

The 15-Minute Rule

This inspirational book really will change your life. By spending 15 minutes a day or even 15 minutes a week on something you are desperate to achieve, you will be amazed at the results. I have had rave reviews for my 15-Minute Rule and I use it myself every single day. Why? Because it works! 

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My first 15-Minute Rule book published in 2012 ‘How to Stop Procrastinating and Take Control of Your Life’ has sold very well and is still selling. Italy published it in January 2017.

The Italian press coverage was fantastic, and as a result Italy invited me over to Vicenza in May 2017 to do a TEDx talk on my 15-Minute Rule. It was in front of a thousand people and went on YouTube the following September. Just to let you know that if you take a look at it, I have lost weight since then, had a new hairstyle and have sorted out my dodgy left ankle! Two out of those three were achieved using my rule!

How to Stop Procrastinating and Take Control of Your Life

Famous endorsements for my first 15-Minute Rule book

"My first instinct on reading Caroline Buchanan’s brilliant new book, written with great warmth and humour, was that I really must go out and buy a copy for everyone who I thought would find it useful. Then I realized I would need so many copies that I would probably have to buy a bigger car while I was at it to bring them all home in."
Zelda West-Meads, Author, counsellor and Agony Aunt for You magazine, Mail on Sunday

"I really like the premise and have every intention of applying your 15-Minute Rule to many aspects of my life and I could well start in about 15 minutes."
Martin Clunes, Actor

"In this frenetic and stressed world, we all need effective strategies in order to cope and thrive. The 15-Minute Rule not only offers a highly powerful strategy, not only details how best to apply it across every area of life, but also lets us into the secret of using it for deep personal change. Simple? Yes. Invaluable? Absolutely.”
Susan Quilliam, Relationship Psychologist.

The 15- Minute Rule

The 15- Minute Rule sets out to conquer procrastination and allow us to tackle those things that we are always putting off: starting an exercise regime, looking for a new job, doing our tax returns or learning a new skill. Or perhaps doing something to improve the quality of life, by learning to fight depression or confront a destructive habit. Perhaps it’s simply clearing the huge pile of clutter from your desk. Whatever it is, all you need is fifteen minutes and before you know it, some weeks later, you have accomplished a task you couldn’t bring yourself to start.

But there’s more! I show you how the 15-Minute Rule can help you achieve your major ambitions, your passions, your longings for a truly fulfilling life.

The hardest thing to overcome when you’re trying to start something daunting and new is to actually start. My book will help you change your life in many wonderful ways and it’s packed full with useful tips, exercises and case studies.

As a very experienced Relate-trained counsellor, I use all kinds of therapeutic models to help you reach your goals. You will discover how to make fabulous and hugely significant changes and start experiencing the rewards you’ve always dreamed about. And what’s more you’ll really enjoy doing it.

My 15-Minute Rule really works. So gather up your dreams and prepare yourself for action…

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