Now Magazine Agony Aunt and Advice Columnist

I have been the Now Magazine Agony Aunt for for 14 years and I just love it! It is an honour to read such personal letters and I try my best to give proper care and consideration to all my answers. I also like to throw in the odd inspirational quotation now and then. I think we remember such golden nuggets and they can stay with us for life, sometimes appearing in our head or our heart just when we need them.

I have a lot of experience as a Magazine Agony Aunt. Before the fabulous Now, I was the Agony Aunt for Here magazine and before that I did the job for Candis magazine. I have been a journalist all my working life, specialising in relationship features for national magazines and newspapers. I am also a certificated Relate counsellor with many, many counselling hours under my belt.

So do please feel free to send me your problems.

Email me at or directly through my website. Or just get in touch for a chat!

Visit the Now website at:

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You can also read about my new book offering Procrastination Help called "The 15-Minute Rule" and more on my work as a relationship counsellor.
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