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I love this quotation as it’s so inspirational. And I love the logo of the blossoming tree.

We all have the capacity for fantastic growth and I’m very enthusiastic about encouraging our potential and watching us all blossom beautifully!

I am also absolutely fascinated with relationships including the one we have with ourselves…

All my work is about relationships! I am a journalist, author, and former Agony Aunt of Now magazine and Candis magazine. I am also a Relate trained counsellor with years of experience working with both couples and singles.

My fourth book ‘The 15-Minute Rule – how to stop procrastinating and take control of your life’  was published  on January 5th, 2012. I am pleased to report that people love it! I am told it has  really helped, regardless of gender or age. It’s certainly a life-changing book which has the capacity to bring much joy, happiness and fulfilment. I personally use my Rule every day.

I have two blogs on the go. One on The 15-Minute Rule, which you can find on the tab marked blogs or on blog.caroline-buchanan.co.uk.

The other is called The Dog with the Pearl Earring for which you go to www.thedogwiththepearlearring.blogspot.com. This one is all about my wonderful dog Billy who has now been promoted to Agony Uncle and helps me with readers’ problems! He is such a fabulous example of how to love unconditionally among other things!

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